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This website introduces the daily work of FIDR staff as well as the culture and people' s lives in FIDR project sites. 

 We work in the sector of medical care, agriculture, health, nutrition, education and rural development.

We work in the sector of agriculture, industry development, food security and nutrition.

We work in the sector of education and community development.

Vegetable Donation during lockdown!    

Uploaded on 2021/09/07
Many cities and provinces of Vietnam are currently under the "strongest lockdown” due to the spread of COVID-19.  Even in this situation, there was an action that made us love Vietnam more! The action was “People from rural areas donated vegetables to people living in the cities”. 

Khmer New Year    

Uploaded on 2021/04/19
Khmer New Year is the traditional festival celebrated in mid of April every year in Cambodia. Mr. Chamroen, Project Manager of Nutrition Education and Promotion Project explains about Khmer New Year.

Holi-The Festival of Colors and Fun in Nepal 

Uploaded on 2021/04/17
Holi is the colorful festival celebrated in Nepal.  Ms. Dina Kunwar, Admin staff in Nepal office,  introduces about this festival.

Tet Holiday

Uploaded on 2021/02/17
Tet (or Lunar New Year) is one of the biggest and the most important festivals during the year in Vietnam. Ms. Duong Thi Thu Lan, staff of Vietnam office introduces about Tet.